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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Side Pony Does Exist!

As promised, my opinion of why I think the Side Ponytail is the best new hairstyle.... since the Gumby. Enjoy!

My Side Pony obsession started over the last couple weeks. Personally, my day starts with a Low Back Ponytail, usually because I forget to shampoo until I look in the mirror and see it's too late. When evening comes, and I'm chatting at dinner or sharing wine on the porch, I start to slowly move my Low Back Ponytail to the side and over my front left shoulder, and yes, to the emerging trend of the Side Pony. It’s become my slightly flirty alternative to the sillier looking, finger twirl.

Unlike the High Back Pony, which can be slimming, but can also look tarty, or the Low Back Pony, which can look like all business and no party in the front, the Side Pony shows off longer hair, but looks neat on presentation and incorporates the fun spirit of Pigs Tails.

On a recent night out, we found fantastic examples of the Side Pony. At the M Bar, we noticed the cute bartender who boldly sported the Very High Side Pony. She had a perfect, slick 80’s, American Apparel billboard look to compliment her saucy hair. Next, we found the dignified, Low Side Pony patron, who complimented her perfect little black dress with a sweet Side Swoop Pony. She had more of an Audrey approach to the Side Pony, wearing her style more refined, with just a hint of coquette.

So what’s my reason for fixating on a mere hairstyle? Not exactly sure, but I did find some more great examples of this fashionable

trend with the Side Swept Vogue dress highlights. Cheers!