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kim kardashian
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Night, I Dreamt of the Kardashians

How better to spend a dreamy, lay-over night than finding one's lost way around an ancient, mysterious London Lake and bonding with the fabulous Kardashians!??

My night started with a missed flight from Los Angeles, because as usual, I left for the airport at the last possible moment, leaving no room for error, and more likely traffic. After a desperate and stressful hour, trying to pursued security that I needed to be on that departing plane, I missed the flight, and I ruined my travel plans - connections and all. I ended up alone and late night in London and wondered how I would find my way to Germany, where my family was waiting for me.

All of us delayed travelers were waiting for our next connecting flight, and we had a few hours to spare but needed to stay close to the airport. I decided to go on an exploratory walk around the local "Lake", which was more like a huge, American Great Lake. I bought a map to help guide my way along little inlets and bordering insels. Throughout my night's hike, there were scary turns, and it was definitely not a safe place to walk alone, especially through the lakeside brush. Think Dante's pre-spiral time, on the mountainside, with the she-wolf.....but less dramatic, and obviously, less significant.

After my tough travels, you can imagine how happy I was to find Kim Kardashian. She was enjoying an ice cream cone and big plate of french fries, and I wondered if it really was the Quick Trim that kept her so thin? Kim introduced me to several high school friends, who were playing flute and bongo-type instruments in the lakeside park. The band members had dreds and super high, smiley faces. Everyone was so proud to see Kim and her sisters with all their recent, family fame.

Back at the Kardashian hotel suite, my last, non-waking moments were talking to Courtney and Bruce about a baby shower party that the family was going to that night. They asked if I had baby shower-type gift from Lanya, and I worried about how unforgiving my chiffon tops would be for a 9 month pregnant mother! Fortunately then, I remembered my new baby dress items, and we were all so happy :). Finally, I could stop pushing the snooze button, and I was able to successfully greet the lovely Day!

Hope you have similar, happy Ryan Seacrest Productions inspired Dreams!
xoxo amber

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  1. this is mind-blowing stuff; keep it coming! I thought Kim was holding a ciggie in her right hand while enjoying an ice cream with her left, which would be the only improvement I can imagine on this must-read blog!